Queior, O’Melia, Carhart, and Conte Win Section 3 Shootout

2019 Section 3 Girls Composite Team
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Dimitri Queior from Central Square shot 1426 for his 6-games and won the Section 3 Shootout in convincing fashion.  Dimitri rolled games of 236, 211, 264, 209, 228, and 278,   EJ O’Melia from Indian River placed 2nd and will make his 2nd consecutive trip to the State Finals on the Section 3 Composite Team.  EJ rolled a 1345 6-game total.

For the ladies, America Carhart from ESM rolled a 1341 series with games of 202, 257, 190, 235, 220, and 237.  She will make her 2nd straight trip to the State Finals as she was a member of the 2018 Division #1 and Class A Champion ESM Girls team.   Placing 2nd was Kaitlynn Conte from Utica-Proctor who rolled a 1323 series.  Both Carhart and Conte led the next closest competitor by well over 100 pins.





2019 Section 3 Boys Composite Team


2019 Section 3 Girls Composite Team