The Section 3 Bowling Committee consists of volunteers who represent the four leagues and work to coordinate the season events, ensure a fair method to conduct the tournaments and crown our champions.   The voting members of the committee come from the individual leagues.  Each league is allowed two representatives:  a boys representative and a girls representative.

The committee is co-chaired:  a boys Chairperson (or coordinator) and a girls Chairperson, who are elected by the committee to a five year term.   The two coordinators sit on the NYS Committee as the Section 3 Representatives.

2015-2016 Section 3 Bowling Committee

Committee Chairpersons

  • Mike O’Connell-    Boys Coordinator/Chairmen-   (also NYS State Coordinator)
  • Jeff Klatt-   Girls Coordinator/Chairmen  (Camden)

Voting Members

  • Marty Piraino-   OHSL Girls (ES-M)
  • Mike Tryniski-  OHSL Boys (Fulton)
  • Rich Bird-  TVL Girls (RFA)
  • Mark Leo-  TVL Boys  (Utica-Proctor)
  • Don Philhower-  CSC Boys (Sherburne Earlville)
  • Lauren Baylor – CSC Girls (Little Falls)
  • Tom Feeney – CNYCL Boys (C-NS)
  • Gary Peterson-  CNYCL Girls (Baldwinsville)

At- Large Members

  • Ryan Hendry- Central Square- OHSL
  • Dave Nimmo-  RFA- TVL
  • Diana Nimmo- VVS- Retired