Section 3 Bowling Team Championships

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Team Entry Qualifications

In order to participate in the Section 3 Tournament, teams must have participated in six contests during the regular season. Teams must have achieved a minimum 40% winning percentage of scheduled games or matches prior to the day of sectionals in at least one of the following categories:

  1. League Record
  2. Against Same Class schools
  3. Overall record

Note- Rules permit additional non-qualifying teams to be allowed to enter the tournament to ensure there is an even number of teams.  Therefore, any team that is “on the bubble” and wishes to be considered, should enter the tournament.

Tournament Lane Condition

The lane condition for the 2020 Championships is from the Kegel Element Recreation Series- Carbon.  Information on the pattern is readily available on Kegel’s website in the Pattern Library and can be found here.   An image of the graph for the pattern is posted below, but the full PDF can also be downloaded directly from Kegel’s website.

Tournament Registration

Registration is open until from 1/15/2020 through 1/31/2020 for the girls, and through 2/6/2020 for the boys.  Both registrations will automatically close at 3:00 pm on the deadline date.   The link to the registration form is published below.  The registration page is password protected.  The password will be conveyed to coaches when registration is announced by email.  Coaches should contact their league rep or one of the coordinators if they have any problems during registration.

Qualifying For State Championships

NYSPHSAA annually conducts three (3) State Championship events, in which Section 3 is represented.  A description of each event, and the qualifying criteria is provided below.

School Team Championships:  Division 1 and Division 2

Starting in 2018, NYSPHSAA now has two divisions based on school enrollment and will crown a State Champion for both Boys and Girls teams in each division.  Division #1 is for the larger schools with BEDS enrollment of 600 and above.  Division #2 is for the smaller school enrollment with 599 and below.   To qualify for and represent Section 3 at the State Championship tournament for either Division #1 or Division #2, teams must qualify for, and win the Section 3 team championship event in their respective enrollment Division.   While teams will continue to compete for individual loca Class Championships  (IE-  Class A, B, and C/D), those classifications are not recognized at the State level, and therefore individual class winners do not advance.

Composite Team Championships:   (Boys and Girls)

The composite team is comprised of six (6) qualifying bowlers from Section 3.  Section 3 has established a method to select players to the composite team which rewards players who have achieved “superior” performance relative to their peers, and based on a full seasons body of work.

Each league in Section 3, which has at least six (6) competing teams, will automatically qualify their top average player, who has competed in at least 2/3 of his/hers teams games.  Currently, there are four (4) leagues in Section 3 that meet this criteria, so four (4) positions are filled :

  • Center State Conference (CSC)
  • Central New York Counties (CNYCL)
  • Onondaga High School League  (OHSL)
  • Tri-Valley League (TVL)

The remaining open positions on the composite team (currently 2) are filled by the top two (2) bowlers from the Section 3 Individual Shootout.

Links and other Tournament Information