Section 3 Individual Shootout

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Individual Entry Qualifications

The individual shootout is an event in which top bowlers from each of the leagues in Section 3, and independents, can qualify to participate.  Any bowler can qualify to compete in this individual event provided that they meet the following criteria:   

  • they competed in at least 2/3 of his/her team games,
  • their individual average is in the top 15% of the league OR
  • they are not the high average bowler in the league
  • they are not part of the state qualifying team at sectionals
  • they are otherwise eligible to participate


The tournament will consist of six games.  Standings are determined by total overall pinfall for the six games.

Determining the Qualifying Bowlers:

Each league will calculate its qualifying number of bowlers in the same manner.   The league will calculate the total number of bowlers who have competed in at least 2/3 of his/hers team games.   The total bowlers competing in 2/3 of the team games will be multiplied by .15.  Any remainder will be rounded UP to the next whole number.  


  • 41 bowlers have competed in 2/3 of their team’s games.
  • 41 MULTIPLIED  by .15 =  6.15
  • 6.15 ROUNDED UP to the next whole number is 7 bowlers.

In the above example, seven (7) bowlers from this league will qualify for the shootout.

NOTE:  The high average bowler is exempt, and not eligible to participate.  Therefore, the next 7 bowlers will qualify.  (Bowlers 2-8)

There is no registration for this event.  Coaches of potential qualifying bowlers are responsible to monitor the average list from the league.  Coaches unsure of the process or if their athlete qualified, must ask their league rep or record keeper for clarification.