Section 3 Bowling Team Championships

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Team Entry Qualifications

In order to participate in the Section 3 Tournament, teams must have participated in six contests during the regular season. Teams must have achieved a minimum 50% winning percentage of scheduled games or matches prior to the day of sectionals in at least one of the following categories:

  1. League Record
  2. Against Same Class schools
  3. Overall record

Note- In consideration of varying schedules and weather-related cancellations, teams that have matches scheduled after 2/1 may enter sectionals if they have a mathematical chance to achieve a 40% winning percentage by virtue of completing those matches.  Teams are not permitted to re-schedule matches from a date prior to 2/1 to a later date, for the sole purpose of qualifying for sectionals.

Tournament Lane Condition

The lane condition for the 2019Tournament is from the Kegel Navigation Recreation Series- Bourbon Street  Information on the pattern is readily available on Kegel’s website in the Pattern Library and can be found here.   An image of the graph for the pattern is posted below, but the full PDF can also be downloaded directly from Kegel’s website.

Tournament Registration

Registration is open until from 1/15/19 through 2/6/19 3:00 pm.   Entries will close automatically at that time.  The link to the registration form is published below.  The registration page is password protected.  The password will be conveyed to coaches when registration is announced by email.  Coaches should contact their league rep or one of the coordinators if they have issues.

Links and other Tournament Information